Foto er taget en hverdag i januar 1990. Billedet viser et snelandskab i Nordmarka, nord for Oslo by. Det er et enestående naturområde på alle tider af året.
Jeg husker sceneriet som igår. Kun lyden af skoene mod sneen var hørbart. Stemningen matcher en af mine yndlingskomponister Griegs musik.

Staying in the snow at the great naturearea outside Oslo a January day in 1990 is still burnmarked my memory. - It was silent, only the sound of your shoes against the snow. It was rather cold, no one was present and I could "hear the silence!"
The famous Norwegian composer Grieg has catched the mood in his music among other symbolics.

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Henie-Onstads kunstsenter
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Henie Onstad Kunstsenter er Norges center for international samtidskunst. Museet ligger i pragtfulde, naturskønne omgivelser ved Høvikodden, lidt sydvest for Oslos centrum. Kulturcenteret rummer kunst, film, diverse performances, restaurant samt udendørs skulpturpark.
Grundstenen blev lagt i 1967 af ægteparret, isdanspioneren Sonie Henie (1912-1969) og skibsreder Niels Onstad (1909 - 1978). Sonia Henie vandt 3 OL-guldmedaljer (1928-1932-1936), 6 Europamesterskaber og 10 verdensmesterskaber i isdans. I 1956 giftede denne fabelagtige skøjteprinsesse sig med skibsreder Onstad. Det blev samtidig til 11 film i Hollywood i perioden 1937-1956. Sonia Henie døde kun to år efter grundstenen var nedlagt (leukæmi).
Det er et enestående kulturcenter såvel interiørt som beliggenhed - a must!

Sonja Henie - can safely be described as a main attraction in the history of sport both during her time as an amateur and later as a professional. Sonja Henie was one of a kind. Her equal on ice will probably never be found. Times have changed and the nature of the Olympic competitions has been altered. She was a champion on ice and a champion in her heart. Her name was known worldwide and still is. She will always be the prototype for all future figure skaters.

Sonja Henie was born in Oslo on April 8, 1912. She was the only daughter of Wilhelm Henie and his wife Selma. Sonja Henie had from her parents inherited both an excellent physics and also high competition spirit.

From the age of 5 she went to ballet classes and the following year she was given her first pair of skates. From this day on she spent all her time on the ice rink. She had the best coaches, the professional Oscar Holthe and Martin Stixrud.

Eventually, Wilhelm Henie travelled with Sonja to Chamonix and Budapest to train. In 1922 Mrs Henie took Sonja to London for a ballet tuition (training) with the famous Russian ballerina Karsavina. Pavlova was Sonja’s idol. She included ballet in her skating and her beautiful number ”The Swan” will always be remembered. She won 1st price in the Norwegian championship in 1924, but lost the title, as her then school figures didn’t satisfy the requirements.

Two years later she was number two in the world championship in Stockholm. After the competition she said: ”I didn’t win this time, but next year I will and I’ll never lose again.”

From 1927-1936 she won a record three Olympic gold medals (1928-1932-1936), six European championships in a row and 10 straight world championships. Then she had won almost every competition possible to win. No other athlete, man or woman, can show a comparable record in world competition. Sonja Henie had become Norway’s greatest national idol since Henrik Ibsen.