Einbeck, a nice minor German town almost in the middle of Germany
Center of Goslar, maincity of the area Harzen
From the Cebit Fair in Hanover 2002 ( photo: Internet)
Rathaus in Dortmund ( Ruhr District)
Rothenburg am Wmme (Deutsch, German version)
I have selected the pictures from the cities and places from the part south of Hamburg-region down the south of Germany. The pictures are by technical reasons from the internet, however I have been and stayed for 1- x nights in the very place.
I still miss to visit the east part (south of Berlin) and the south part of Germany, perhaps to come one day.

Germany - overview
Restaurant Speicher - nice situated at the river bank
Rotenburg am Wmme

Hannover messe
Facts about Hanover
Einbeck in Deutsch/German
Goslar - Harzen p dansk
Goslar - Harzen - Deutsch/German
Germany - administrative survey
Niedersachsen - Deutsch/German
Nordrhein-Westfalen - Deutsch/German
CeBIT fair - Hanover