Germany - Flensburg
The perspective of Flensburg fjord facing south
Oluf Samson street in the central part of Flensburg
The famous Campus Halle in the university area of Flensburg
Citylight at Christmastime
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Flensburg-Handewitt - handball
German Travelagency in DK
St. Maria Church
Klik pċ billedet for at se Glücksburg slot
Click on the painting above to see the section of Glücksburg Castle
The old steamship Alexandra - Flensburg harbour June 06
Sandwig - beacharea in front of Glücksburg
Flensburg City - facing North East
The North Wall in Flensburg
The Naval Academy - Sonwik - Flensburg South
Flensburg City - facing North West
Rum shop - Flensburg City
The Shipyard - Flensburg
Toosbuy Street - with the famous facades
The "Wasserturm"
Cityarea of the Flensburg Harbour
Dansk side om Flensburg