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Det var et meget svært valg at finde 4 bedste danske og udenlandske fotos blandt > 500. Nedenfor først de danske motiver og dernæst de internationale.

Jeg husker stemningen ved alle 8 billeder som var det igår. Kriterierne har været en subjektiv blanding af teknik, udstråling og minde. Ligeledes vidste jeg bagefter, at det klik var noget særligt.

It was a hard choice so indeed. Among more than 500 pictures I made my final choice, as you can see below.
I still recall the mood of which all eight pictures were taken and in retrospective I knew by instinct, that this was something special for me.
4 Best from Denmark and next 4 best international.

1. Frederiksberg Have - Frederiksberg Garden (Cph)
2. Fulton skonnerten - DK-Assens - solnedgang - sunset
3. Operaen - DK-København - The Copenhagen Opera
Den britisk-franske skuespillerinde Charlotte Rampling på lynvsit i Cinemateket, Kbhvn d. 24.juni 2006
1. Istanbul - Turkey facing Europe left and Asia right - the ferries commute day and night between the two continents
2. Monte Carlo - Monaco. It is rare, that one can have almost a whole nation in one picture
4. On my birthday 13.jan. 2006 in the skies of Central Europe. I was blessed by watching my favourite flight the Boeing B 747 (jumbo) at a most untraditionel angle.
3. Always when I see this portrait, I do remind Stevie Wonders "Isn´t she lovely?" - By fact the very best portrait of a human being, I have ever done. She was shy in the beginning, however she changed and became a picture-star.
The old woman from the local marked in Burgos, Bulgaria must be known worldwide, as the robots of the searchengines have recorded her from my website. Perhaps "they" are agree about her charisma of this very picture!
I cannot imagine her as a hardcore internet-user, so I hope, that her children and grandchildren shall enjoy her on the biggest theater in the world - the Internet.

De næste 8 (klik på bill.) - The runners-up (click on the pict.)
Musee L´Elysee - Lausanne - Vaud - Switzerland